Pentax K1000 | Fuji Color 200

Pentax K1000 | Fuji Color 200

[A still image from the movie Happythankyoumoreplease]

Annie: What got you into photography?

Sam#2: Oh. I wouldn’t - I wouldn’t call it photography.

Annie: What would you call it?

Sam#2: Taking pictures. I guess.

Annie: Okay. Why do you take pictures?

Sam#2: Uhm. I don’t know. When I.. When I see something I like looking at.. I.. got to keep looking at it.

Island girl

Pentax K1000 | Solid Gold 200

Pentax K1000 | Fuji Color C200


La Sardina + Fritz the Blitz Flash | Kodak Color Film 200

I can’t believe I just wrote 3 pages about you and I’m not even half-way through it yet.